Monday, December 25, 2006

21 december - Solstice

ahhh, Solstice. even the name is soothing. we had our annual celebration with our great friends. it is the perfect way to take a deep breath before addressing the last minute Christmas frenzy.

we started our celebration three years ago, and it has quickly become an evening i look forward to with a lot of anticipation. the boys can play together, or work on decorating an (all-natural) gingerbread house, while we snack on pre-prepared food (rotisserie chicken, anyone?), dim the lights, and sit around the fire talking. good, old-fashioned, cerebral, spiritual conversations. it's amazing to me how i don't feel like i get much of that these days.

then we go around the circle, and we each light a candle and talk about whatever we want to talk about. it usually ends up being something we're thankful for, although i know i also mention some sort of resolution for the upcoming year. we ramble about druids, and seasons, and yule logs and misteltoe, and we are able to bare our souls in way that many people don't get to do anymore.

the celebration has come to mean so much to each of us over the years. this year, we almost scrapped it, as our friends were dealing with the death of a dear pet. and i think a part of me was even ready to put it off (i've been so tired lately). but i am SO thankful we got together. now i am refreshed, and ready for some Christmas magic!

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