Monday, March 02, 2009

he is eight

i haven't taken a lot of photos lately. and when i snapped a few tonight, i was immediately struck by the "oldness" of this picture. my eight-year-old-boy, all at once a young man.

taking a cue from my "not blogging for Lent" friend, natasha, i want to list 8 things about jack:

1) on the way to school this morning, jack said, "i don't even know why i'm sitting in this seat." i had forgotten that NC law for booster seats is 8 years old or 80 pounds. we reached 8 well before we will reach 80! when i picked him up from school, i had discretely tucked the booster seat into the back of the car.

2) jack is in the 2nd grade, and started public school this year. he has transitioned very well, and excels in reading (on a 3rd grade level) and math (when he wants to!!)

3) jack played soccer for the first time last fall, and is a natural. i am already planning/hoping/praying for a soccer scholarship to college!

4) jack is a Wolf Scout and loves camping.

5) he is an acolyte at church (Episcopal) and his most important job is holding the Gospel steady while elderly priests attempt to read from it!

6) jack is the oldest cousin (by 4 years) and is finding his way as the leader of the pack

7) he is the most sensitive child i know, and is very protective of my feelings (most of the time...) when i have to travel, he begins missing me the first time i mention the trip.

8) jack got a dog for his birthday. (if you know me AT ALL, you will know that this is a HUGE deal.) "Spider Dog" has been with us for three days now, and by all accounts (jack's), his life is now complete!

happy birthday, jonathan tucker erickson!
i love you!!


Ann On and On... said...

HaPpY BirThdaY....

A dog! Yippee!!!!!! How cool!
Spider Dog, rocks!

Amy said...

YOU are an awesome mom, Lelly. I have not given in yet on the dog thing. Happy Birthday to your Jack! From this blogging window, he seems to have grown up so, so much lately!

Jill said...

Wow, that was generous and brave of you to give him a dog for his birthday!

Jenny said...

What a cute little guy. Happy Birthday Jack!

Barb said...

The things we will do for our children! Welcome to the family, Spiderdog!

Crystal said...

I have to say I was BEYOND SHOCKED at the fact that you now have a dog. SHOCKED! SHOCKED! SHOCKED!!

ha! I hope that you learn to love Spider Dog!

michelle said...

Wow! A dog!! That is quite the gift on your part.

Lucas is 9 1/2 and still not 80 pounds. I finally let him stop using his booster seat recently, it was getting ridiculous.

patsy said...

What? a dog?? WOW- lucky guy!!!

hAPPy eight!!!

(I love eight year olds)

Liz said...

He does look like a little man, they grow up way too quickly. Congrats to Jack on both the booster seat and the dog!!!

Amanda :-) said...

Hoo-hoo! Your blog will take on new dimensions now that there's a dog around! Thanks for setting the standard for an 8th birthday present!! Now Erin wants one when she's 8. NO WHHHHHAY, JOSE.

He does look a dude in the car. (Oh, weren't you sad to take the booster seat away?)

Good luck with his soccer thing (it's 'Football' actually. What is this Americanized 'soccer' word??) We will have to send him over a decent British football shirt, from a decent British team *taps nose* I'm not talking Manchester United - boooo!


Lene said...

Eight really does seem like the beginning of the end of kids being little kids.

A dog...well my, my, my Miss Lelly.

Tina said...

Happy Birthday Jack!
A dog? That was surprising to see. You will learn to love the little guy!

Alisha said...

:) Love that post.

If we lived in the same town I bet my London and your Jack would be friends. :) Sensitive 8-yr old boys are a beautiful thing.

Nice concession on the dog. (I'm making my kids wait until my girl is 14!)