Tuesday, March 24, 2009


my house number.
i have had several addresses that featured an "8":

809 in new york
8833 in maryland
138 in north carolina

grEIGHT memories in all of those places!


Janiece said...

O.K. this was a hard SPT!

Lene said...

I have had fun with this months theme. It is funny how something so easy can be so hard!

April said...

My picture and post are a week late, but since eight is great all month I'd thought I'd post anyway.

Your boy is suddenly looking so grown up.

Alisa said...

this really is tough- oh- why is 8 so difficult?
1 more to go!

MeganAnne said...

yes, this challenge is getting more and more challenging! I had my post all set to automatically post and then forgot to link it here yesterday. So, happy Wednesday!

Date Girl said...

I really thought I could come up with another 8 post, but this week I just couldn't. We have one more right? I will try again next week.
Lene is right, for something so easy, it's incredibly difficult!

Alisa said...

I think you helped me come up with an 8 for next week!
Not on the house I live in now though.
interesting that you have had 8's in the last 3 you have lived in!

Courtney said...

I love all your GREAT 8 memories! How funny that number keeps popping up for you!

Amanda :-) said...

I totally couldn't pull my finger out for this 'Eight' SPT. But my pyjama top has a huuuuge 8 on it, for some reason!! And my parents' house (the one that I grew up in) in number 8. Ta-dah! It's a funny old number, isn't it?

I'm glad you have your number on your house. It drives me mad when people don't put anything on to give you a clue!