Sunday, March 15, 2009

notes from the road

i've been traveling again... making good use of my word of the year [journey.] the past few days, it's been philadelphia, where we have proceeded to eat ourselves into a food coma. we're heading back to NC tomorrow, by way of a quick (QUICK) breeze through D.C.

i've seen most of my cousins and their families this weekend, and i tried to remember to take photos. what a great reason to get back into blogging (especially since some of them are actually reading this blog...)

i've also experienced the fantastic-ness of facebook once again, as i had the opportunity to enjoy dinner with a college friend. we hadn't had any contact in almost 25 years, and then facebook reconnected us!!

tomorrow will be a long day in the car, but the memories are well worth it. tuesday will be an amazingly long day at work, but with 4 nights at other hotels under my belt, i am filled with info to take back to my team.

have you taken your spt for the week? do you believe i forgot to look for "eights" in philly?


Ann On and On... said...

Sounds like a fun weekend.

Food commas are usually worth every bite. :)

It sounds like you have a job tomorrow...8, 8, 8.

patsy said...

my sweety was in philly this week?!!

sounds like you had a great time.
Good for you!

I seem to be eating myself into a coma on a regular basis these days... :(

rebekah said...

on your quick breeze through, think of me! too bad we can't meet. poo. i'll be sending good traveling vibes your way though!

michelle said...

I'm coming up with zero on these spts. Glad you had a good time in the city of brotherly love!