Tuesday, March 31, 2009


the final 8! i've actually enjoyed this month's challenge because it was so "open to interpretation." thanks to those of you who hung in there and looked for the 8s in your daily life.

this week, i turned to the clock for my eight. sadly, the photo didn't turn out quite as i planned (you can't actually read the clock on the stove.) but, trust me, it says 8:58.

what was i doing at 8:58 on march 28th? why, i was observing Earth Hour!! and who is that in my spt with me? why, it's crystal, from Carpe Diem!

crystal had a few girls over to watch Twilight on saturday. we didn't want to miss out on Earth Hour, so we actually stopped the movie at 8:30 and played board games by candlelight for an hour. how awesome is that?!? i could do that every saturday (i think...)

did you observe Earth Hour?
have you seen Twilight?
did you have fun looking for "crazy eights" this month?


Anonymous said...

I had to look up what Earth Hour was...glad someone is celebrating it :)

Janiece said...

Never heard of earth hour until yesterday, but no I would not play the game even if I knew about it.

I am not a movie theatre kind of person, but now that Twilight is out on video I will watch it.

I have to say this was one of the more difficult SPT's that I have done, but I tried to hang in there.

Alisa said...

I heard of earth hour after the fact- but will participate in the future!
A funny tweet that I read about earth hour ...
"We'll know Earth Hour has finally caught on when it's followed 9 months later by Birth Hour."@smartgoat
Totally cracked me up!

No I have not seen twilight- I am funny about watching movies- I just don't like watching them after I have read a book.

To be completely honest- 8 was not great- but I made it work! Who knew I would have such a hard time with a number! Looking forward to the next challenge-

Crystal said...

Earth Hour was actually really fun! Although, I did not like some of the dares of the board game. hahaha!!!

Wonder what our next challenge will be.... BRING IT!!!

Janna said...

My 8 year old niece told me about Earth Hour.... But at the time I had 10 kids and 4 adults at my house...

It has been awhile for to do SPT, but I got a new coolpix 18 camera yesterday.... & it was perfect for your challenge

Lene said...

did not know about earth hour. how could that slip by with everything else going on?

Bart, Erin, Hunter & Jorden said...

What a fun idea for Earth hour!

Alisha said...

Great photo--sounds like a really fun night! (And that's what I call planning ahead for your SPT ... way to go on that one!)

(Yes, I've seen Twilight twice. I'll see it at least once more I'm sure. Have you read the books or are you strictly a Twilight movie-gal?)

Jill said...

I have never even heard of Earth hour, weird.

I didn't end up doing this month's challenges, so I'm looking forward to the assignments for next month.

MaryRC said...

I cant bring myself to buy Twilight. If Edward is in my house, I wont get a thing done! Earth hour was great! I did a PSA for earth hour with Donnie and Marie, thats me steppin off stage in the behind the scenes part.

Courtney said...

We realized at 9:30 that we missed earth hour...so we turned off the lights then, to go to bed that is! Boring, huh? I love the Twilight...but have yet to see the DVD...glad you had a great night with the gals!

Amy said...

Yes, it was fun to find the eights this month, thanks for asking!
I just got my Twilight DVD in the mail today and so I spent most of my time in front of the TV today. As you can see by my post, even after I watched the commentary, and then the special features, I still wasn't done with the TV. Since I spent so much time with the Twilight DVD today I thought about using that somehow for spt, but I couldn't find any eights while I was watching. (Yes, I looked.) Plus, this way I maintain a bit of dignity by blogging about AI. Don't cha think? :)

michelle said...

Um... I didn't even know about Earth hour!

Natasha said...

Twilight? Lelly, I am so disappointed.

Kim loved it.

I despised it.