Friday, May 21, 2010

flashback friday

so, holly had me rolling with her Bicentennial Ballerina flashback today. the memories of my own tap/ballet/baton-twirling routines & costumes from the '70s came flooding back.

without further ado, may i present the Charleston Flapper, who (according to the date of the newspaper) was tapping away just about a year after Holly's red, white & blue itchy tutu debut.

our costumes were dresses provided by our mothers, with fringe painstakingly sewn on (by our mothers). i remember being thrilled when my best friend and i showed up with the same dress! and being less-than-thrilled when our twin-ish appearance meant we would be positioned at opposite ends of the kick line...

that's me, closest to the camera. i love the look of determination on my face!

here i am again (and i believe this actually was our Bicentennial routine!) do you love my ponytails? and i even got to tap next to my best friend! but do you notice that look on my face. again?!? dance does not, and never did, come "naturally" to me. but, oh how i loved to perfom!! (still do!)


Jill said...

I just got saw Holly's hilarious post, so this makes it twice as fun!

michelle said...

I love that you have photos! I can remember a couple of hilarious dance recitals, complete with their costumes and my best friend, but alas I don't have any photos to prove it. This is awesome.