Tuesday, January 11, 2011

spt 1.11.11

today is cold. and icy.
and i stayed up waaaaay too late watching the last college football game of the season.
and another day of "no school" has attempted to interfere with my career mom routine.

but, i am okay.
i actually love the cold.
and SEC football.
and the extra time with jack.

will you take your self-portrait today? leave me a comment and let me know!


Crit said...

Lookin' good Lelly. I love your hair clip. I'm afraid of the weather that may be coming my way. STAY WARM down there.

lailani said...

Snow/Ice days can be so fun!

Dacia said...

I so need to get back into spt. It's been forever! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Jill said...

I always wonder how working moms manage things on snow days, but it looks like you did it in style.

Kim Sue said...

you're looking a little valentine-y