Saturday, January 01, 2011

dear 2011

i'm expecting a lot from you.

i have decisions to make.
i have questions to answer.
i have love to give.
i have things to create.
i have ideas to share.
i have places to go.
i have people to meet.

i have all the hope in the world
that you, 2011, will work with me.

every step of the way.
hand in hand.



Holly said...

This was lovely.
Like you.

I hope 2011 brings all that you're hoping for.

Holly said...

Oh, and Jack, those eyes!!

And freckles!!

Jill said...

I hope 2011 writes back and is very generous with you!

michelle said...

Yes! Me, too, please!!

Such a fabulous photo.

patsy said...

Please let me join you in the same wish!!

Natasha said...

What a great post for the new year!

Anonymous said...

So moving. I didn't see it the first time around but wow, those eyes!!!! Jack is just too cute.