Friday, February 11, 2011

five minute friday


something's come over me. it's this feeling that i've had for a while now, and one that cannot be ignored.

it's time. it's time to dust things off. and shake things up.

what does that mean? i'm not quite sure. if you're a reader, you have undoubtedly noticed that over the past few years, the content has changed (not to mention the times that there hasn't actually *been* any content). when i wrote my first post for amuse-bouche, i was younger. i had a younger child. i was half as far into my marriage as i am now.

and i was so happy! and excited! and creative! i cooked and baked and crafted and took pictures of all of it and shared them with you. i pored over your blog posts and families and crafts and pictures, as well.

it was awesome. i made new friends and grew my circle. it was all very bright and shiny. and i was thrilled to be a part of it

but, now. now it's different.
and not in a way that i can name.

i've been hiding from my blog. heck, i've been hiding from ME.

and? that's all about to change...



Kim Sue said...

hmmm, i really hope that means I will see and hear more from you and not the opposite!

Alisha said...

Lelly--I hear ya 100%. My boy is the same age as yours, and I was just thinking last night that the next decade could be quite a different ride than the first decade has been. We are just hitting the "p" word, and it's a trip. Sometimes (often this past month) I wish I could hide. Or just have my cuddly baby boy back.
I know at the end of this decade though, there will be a very cool man-dude to call my grown son, though. Still, could be quite a journey uphill in getting there.

Looking forward to whatever direction you take with your blog! Coming from you, whatever it is will be great!

MoonGoddess said...

Shake it up!

Shred through the shrouds hiding you & just live, love & share.

Know that we are right there with you.

You know I am shaking up my life. Going to keep rolling the dice til I come up with the number that wins for me.


Good luck!

Jill said...

I've noticed your absence and change of attitude and wondered why.

Crystal said...


I adore this post. I hope the SHRED has gotten ahold of you and shook things up in a wonderful way.

Hope to hear more soon friend.

michelle said...

Well, I'm intrigued!