Friday, February 18, 2011

five minute friday


I am a friendly person. I have a wonderful smile and an "open" personality. But I can be:

A bit standoffish at times.
A bit opinionated at times.
A bit petty at times.

A bit lonely at times...

I feel like I don't "do" friendship very well. Especially with other women. Don't get me wrong - I know many women. And I am friendly with many women. But, that's an entirely different thing, isn't it?

I grew up in a household of four girls, and we are all friends, though sometimes we are more distant than others. They are my blood, my family, the women I've cried to, and screamed at. And the women I've sometimes treated silently. I've shared some secrets with them. I've voiced some dreams to them. Some. But not all.

And it is this way with most women with whom I think I would be friends. There is a point at which I stop sharing. A barrier I prefer to keep in place. My safety zone.

I like you. And I'm friendly. But, will I be your friend?

Can I be your friend?


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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

You can be my friend any day.

Women relationships are oh so necessary and oh so complex, don't you agree?

Julie Anne said...

Oh, wow... are you in my head??? Good thing I didn't read your post before I did my Five Minute Friday... I might have stolen it! :)

michelle said...

Ooh, interesting thoughts here, Lelly. I too can be a bit standoffish, opinionated, and lonely... I am not so good at reaching out. I think the only reason I have a great friendship with Jill is that she does the reaching. It's damn hard to find someone you can let into your safety zone!

Crystal said...

Um YEA, we are already friends whether you want me to be or not. I'm feisty like that and will claw my way into your life. Just sayin.

Kim Sue said...

hmmmm, exactly.