Friday, April 27, 2007

spt recap - reduce, reuse recycle

i think the general consensus is: we are all doing something to take better care of our spaceship earth, yet many of us wish we were doing more.

as i've learned from reading your posts this week, there are many, many, MANY ways to make little changes in our households. some key ideas that are sticking with me are:

assigning each family a plastic cup to reuse throughout the day,
refill all plastic bottles with water (from the water mill, the grocery, etc.),
donate our outgrown, gently used clothing,
grow herbs and vegetables (and hens!),
carpool (even when it's not necessary),
focus on the simple, and make time for naps (must conserve our most precious resource!)

even more tips here!

if i had a green trophy to give out this week, i think it would have to go to lisa, janae & anna. these THREE sisters make the THREE r's seem *almost* effortless (and they even make it look glamorous!)

thanks for your responses to the challenge. i hope we'll all add just one more little thing to our daily routine that will help us reduce, reuse, or recycle.

as for me? i'm off to listen to some edie brickell and eat some granola!!


donna said...

I love your spt recap!

Price Cream Parlor said...

You are too funny! I hope that you enjoyed your granola and Edie! I haven't heard her in a long time - has she done anything new? Didn't she marry Simon from Simon and Garfunkel? (sp)

Amanda :-) said...

I was so engrossed in that recap, Lelly, that I've eaten a pack of Mini Pringles and I don't recall eating them! Just got an empty packet here! Rats!

Your recaps are fabby.

Lucy said...

Sorry I missed this last one. I think it was great to see how many people are learning new tricks and trying to conserve more.