Wednesday, April 04, 2007

spt - the recap

i want a redo!!

i want to rewrite my post, and i want to be able to say all the honest and open things that you have all shared in this week's challenge!!

i've mentioned it before, but i must repeat that the spt challenge gives me so much more than i ever expected. more perspective. more enlightenment. more laughter. and this week, more sniffles....

the challenge... do you PLAY well with others? the response...

let's PLAY a game!
(can you guess the blogger before you click on the link???)

I love playing with others-it takes awhile for me to warm up and get past my insecurities of myself, but eventually you'll see how much I love to be around others and laugh-oh how I love to laugh-and how they bring out the best in me. :)

Do I play well with others???? I guess so. I'm always up for something fun!!

Grown up, I do like to play & be social. I like to host parties here. I like to lunch with a friend & do catch up. I like to be in a fun setting of cool women working on quilts, etc. for humanitarian efforts, I like to go on a strenuous walk with a friend, I like to stroll the boutique shops with a friend. This is all PLAYTIME to me.

This weeks challenge has truly CHALLENGED me! As my mind has been spinning over this, I've come to realize I need to pull myself away from the kids play and step into my own!

In high school, everyone thought I was a snob. I don't think I've ever been a snob, I'm just shy, dang it!

Much of the joy from my childhood comes from the fact that I played. I really played.

Playing is any activity where I'm having a good time and am surrounded by people I enjoy.

all PLAYing aside, there were some posts that really brought a lot of emotions to the surface for me this week. tissue in hand, i urge you to check out amy m, carlo, kristi, jenny, hannah, annalisa and stefanie. these women are not afraid to tell you how they really feel! i would go on a PLAYdate with any of you!!

don't forget to check out some new image consultants on my sidebar this week, because people are PLAYing all over the www: michelle m and lucy and tiffanie, i'm so glad you've come out to PLAY.

**if anyone is out there who is doing spt, and would liked to be linked, please let me know. i stumble across spt posts from time to time, but worry that i shouldn't link without your permission.**


Jenny said...

You're awesome Lelly! Have I said that enough? Lucy joined the gang. She is linked under my sidebar under BYU friends.

As people have said in the past the recap is just as good as the actual spts. Can't wait for next week. It's the buzz of the water cooler!

Lucy said...

Link away! It really is fun and eye opening. Thanks for letting me come aboard. I'm glad I don't feel like a stowaway anymore:)

Amy said...

"It's the buzz of the water cooler!" SPT has definitely created buzz, and even with my Jim's birthday yesterday, I had family members (who I didn't even know were reading) ask about my SPT. SPwhat? Stunning how a good idea can spread. And really not so stunning after all. Simply natural.

Laura said...

I too want to redo my post. Everyone is so creative and inspiring. Wow what great people you have found Lelly. Thanks.

Barb said...

Great summary - I enjoyed 'playing the game' you gave us. So creative!

carlo said...

i loved this challenge and i love that you take the time to come up with them AND you take the time to do the recap. You are AwEsOmE!!!

it was an interesting week, to be sure!

i have been thinking a lot about my post and the others i read. I have been really thinking more about playing and more about what i can do to help my situation, too. so, so interesting...