Wednesday, April 23, 2008


i got dressed. put on my sneakers. had every intention of running.

my body, however, was not on board. i ran for 10 minutes, stopped at the park, and... that was all she wrote. had a nice walk home, but for the life of me, i could not step it up! i have been eating pretty calorie intensive meals lately, and i know i was under hydrated. not a good combo, for sure.


Hannah said...

But the important thing is that you got out there and that you try again tomorrow!

carlo said...

ok seriously. i commented on this one...where did it go?

trying this again: it is amazing to me how being under-hydrated can throw the best of intentions.

i had a quick (and sad, maybe 1.5 miles?) on sunday and with a little sick one at home i can't get myself "hyped" for the treadmill.

there's always tomorrow. right?