Tuesday, April 22, 2008


ran (haha) for the first time since the lighthouse race. i don't know why i let life get in the way last week. my head was definitely not in the right place, but i still got out there. (note to self: must take advantage of these *cooler*, non-humidified spring evenings!! they will be a thing of the past all too soon...)

my hamstrings were super tight. could be the zero stretching i did before i went out. i am particularly bad about stretching before i run. (i know.) but, i've never had issue with my hamstrings before. could have something to do with the 9 1/2 hours i spent in the car last friday?!?

i ran for just about a half hour, with a generous rest/stretch at the halfway mark, where jack was patiently waiting for me at spring lake. i stuck with walk 1/run 9 (seems to be my thing), but didn't do a great job of mile-marking, so i have no idea what my pace was. oh, well. i was out there!


Hannah said...

I am guilty of letting life get in the way as well- I assume most mothers are. I always remind myself that when I do get out there after a brief hiatus that it doesn't matter how many days I missed, I am out there today and just look forward instead of back.

Oh- and I could use more discipline on the stretching front...

Keep up the great work Lelly!

carlo said...

you can do it!! you will be back in the groove in no time.

trouble for me is when i let too many days go in between runs-- (or blogging for that matter!)

with the exception of wed/thur where my concrete legs (and a biz trip today) are preventing me from getting out there but my spirit wants me to.

i can't wait to go tomorrow...