Thursday, April 03, 2008


a little colder tonight, but no rain, so that's a plus! i felt really great in my first mile, and tried especially hard not to look at my watch. so i was thrilled when i passed the first mile mark 29 seconds ahead of monday!

it was one of those runs where i zeroed in on two specific songs (thanks, carlo!) it seems the remix of the eurythmics and the theme song to "the biggest loser" were all i needed to keep me going. i was also visualizing ali in the australian *triathalon* they participated in this week.

most importantly, i really tried to focus on my stride, pushing for a wider stride, rather than my usual shuffle. and i really felt it in my hamstrings! i kept with the walk 1/run 9, which seems to be very comfortable for me, and which i will use in the race coming up.

total time 46:48. that's right!! 1 1/2 minutes off of my total time (which i happen to think is a very. big. deal!!)

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