Tuesday, July 13, 2010

can we talk?

it's been what, a month since my last post? over a month? i don't even know any more (although, thanks to the person from somewhere in Asia who keeps spamming my comments box. i have no idea what you are saying, but at least i know someone is stopping by!)

this summer seems crazier than most. i think i say that every summer. i BELIEVE that every summer. june was the month of incredible busy-ness, and i really, really wanted to sit down and tell you all about it.

but then July came, in a whirlwind of funnel cake and fireworks. and now July is half over (but not really, because July is the longest month of the year.) (is it the longest month of the year for you?)

i refuse to believe that i have let Facebook and Twitter squash my love of blogging, but i gotta tell ya, when i only have a few moments to travel through the internet, i tend to go where i can get in and out pretty effortlessly. for now, Facebook and Twitter are filling that need for me.

but i promise, they have not replaced my love of blogging.

or my love for you, my blogging friends.

so bear with me, as i set my sights on labor day and blaze a trail right through the rest of this summer!! hope to see you soon!


patsy said...

Oh I am so glad you are here!
Even though it's a busy summer- you sound like you are having fun!?

You are loved & I will be excited to see more posts when you can!

Amy said...

Lelly dear, I've missed you. Truly. You are one of my "best blogfriends" :) I had to squash my fb acct and I signed up for Twitter a looooong time ago and never even tweeted once! ;)

Kim Sue said...

ditto! documenting for carly is what keeps me coming back to blogging and then I open my blog reader account and there are hundreds and hundreds of unread posts and that makes my head hurt! but I'm glad you guys are having a busy fun summer. don't hurry Labor day. it will get fast enough on its own!

Jill said...

Blast, I hate Facebook and Twitter! Come back to your blog please!

rebekah said...

Ditto to the comment ahead of me.

lelly said...

@rebekah you make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

There is a season and a time for everything. Don't feel guilty that now isn't your season to blog. Once I let go of the guilt earlier this year about my neglected blog and realized that I was busy LIVING and would have a lot more time once I moved...well it felt great! I am grateful I see you here and on FB...lucky me!