Tuesday, September 28, 2010

spt - Q.E.D.

i've never really been a fan of any sort of mathematics (well, except for geometry, because that was more like puzzle-solving to me. and i LOVE puzzles!) math and i really parted ways during the "pre-calculus" era, and we have never been able to reconcile our differences.

numbers don't "click" in my head. it doesn't matter if i am adding them, squaring them, forecasting them, plotting them on an axis or budgeting them (a-hem.) anything involving numbers tends to stress me out. i am most easily distracted when i am working on a numbers project. therefore, anything involving math takes three times as long for me to complete as it should.

something is out of whack with my month-to-date occupancy numbers at the hotel. it's a fairly small number. 25. or 26. (well, truthfully, one time i added it up and it was 28, so there you go...) regardless, it has to be fixed, and it has to be fixed before midnight on the 30th. it seems as if three days is plenty of time to figure it all out. but these 25 (or 26, or 28) "mystery rooms" have plagued me for four days already!!

and, yet, here i am. blogging. distracted. hoping someone else will figure it out for me.

are you a numbers person? are you easily distracted from accomplishing things that don't come naturally to you? is your stress level ever reflected in your hairstyle???


Amber Grannis said...

I'm not much of a numbers gal, either. (Tho I HAVE become a pro at negative numbers! haha!) I love your highlights -- cute do!

michelle said...

Your hair is adorable!

I'm okay with numbers, but I am definitely easily distracted when faced with a task I don't enjoy...

Lucy said...

I'm like Michelle. It's not the numbers but just the avoidance of daunting tasks that usually gets me in trouble.

Cute hair!

Jill said...

Your hair looks rather sassy, surely that should help.

I am not so keen on numbers and always wish I was better with them.

Marie said...

I am actually okay at math, but I am self concious to do it in front of other people. Like adding up bowling scores. Yikes. Stress.

Good luck with your mystery rooms!

Claudissima said...

love the hair!

Alisha said...

Numbers--no way.
Distracted--um, yes. (Here I also sit blogging instead of working.)
Hairstyle issues--absolutely--except mine just falls out when I am stressed. ugh.