Sunday, September 26, 2010

today, i...

drank three (or four) cups of pumpkin spice coffee,
baked a loaf of banana bread,

did the weekly shopping,
washed, folded and PUT AWAY all of the laundry,
spent 45 minutes at the playground with jack,

made a roast turkey dinner (pesto turkey, rosemary polenta and squash),
took a plate of dinner to my grandfather,
remembered to help jack print out his homework,
baked a second loaf of banana bread,
made tomorrow night's dinner,
wrote good mail cards.

today, i feel amazing.


Kelly said...

You've gotta love a day like that! I bet your grandfather was so happy to get a plate of that dinner!

Alisha said...

Today you ARE amazing! (Well, you are amazing everyday, but it's nice when things fall into place like that, showcasing your best self.)

patsy said...


Anonymous said...

I would love a day where any ONE of those things happened. Yay for good days!

Jill said...

No wonder you feel amazing, you were Wonder Woman!!

michelle said...

You should feel amazing!! Wow.

Marie said...

Love that feeling! You did have an excellent day. Love autumn, don't you?