Tuesday, March 18, 2008

i just dropped off my registration for the Lighthouse 5K.

i can't stop feeling like i should be running the 10K.

i need to making running a priority. there's no irony in the fact that my deplorable mood seems to go hand in hand with my lack of activity.

24 days until the race. maybe, i'll surprise myself...


NB said...

Hey, good luck with the 5k, I just completed my first one-Shaamrock 5K, its a great feeling to do one.
Keep it up!!

Holly said...

Good for you for registering. You CAN and WILL do great!

I read some of your past posts about energy levels, etc. How did you feel when your run:walk intervals were closer together? I'm a believer in more frequent walk breaks (that just works for me to cover the longer distances and conserve energy--especially once the weather heat up). Just a thought!

carlo said...

i can feel you on this one-- i have been in such a total physical funk without the constant exercise "boost"

why can't we live closer so we could run together?