Monday, March 31, 2008

there's a place for us

jack was on spring break last week, and i took the opportunity to burn some vacation days with him. we took several quick trips up to the "big city" of wilmington, happily enjoying being tourists in our own backyard.

during the week, we enjoyed:
roller skating (yes! i skated! great stress reliever, by the way...)
the children's museum
old brunswick town
the battleship north carolina
miniature golf

here are a few shots from the children's musem, with cousin max. children's museums are the greatest invention. ever. these kids had a blast - there was nothing in there that was "off limits," it was all "their" size, and there were enough different exhibits that even we moms didn't get too bored!

jack with max (and jack, and max, and jack...)

your next...american idol!

jack erickson, science guy

really, check out that roller skating deal. i'm only sad i don't have any pics of me out on the floor (i was tempting fate, as it was, not to fall down. i didn't dare throw a camera into the mix!!)


Bren's Life said...

What fun!! I haven't been to a museum in a long time.. I bet your kids loved seeing your roller blading.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Nothing like a vacation in your own backyard. I'm glad you got a couple of days.

Jill said...

Stress relief is good. I tried roller skating a couple years ago and couldn't believe how hard it was after not doing it in so many years. (I underestimated my girth.)

melanie said...

We have spring break next week and I've been lamenting that there isn't much to do. No children's museum here or anything of the like. I've got to come up with something fast!

I'm so glad you had a good time Who knew about the skates?

Natasha said...

What fun! Our children's museum here is a good one too. Luci and griffin like the child-sized grocery store in it.

As for the roller skating - better you than me. What a fun mom you are!

Kim Sue said...

what fun - I love to go into our "city" (Memphis)and do fun things. We like the children's museum but we love the zoo. So glad you had some fun vacation time!

Elizabeth said...

Yes come visit!

tina said...

my kids love the children's museum. it's kind of fun that our county has school only 4 days per week and the county where the museums are are on 5 day weeks, so my kids can go on friday and there's no other kids! they love the grocery store and everything that makes noise. I only took two days off during spring break to go to a wedding and reception. we got to visit old friends, so that was fun.

carlo said...

happy spring break.

seriously, we were on spring break. at the same time.

we missed out on a great opportunity. DANG.