Friday, March 07, 2008


it's not quite enough to celebrate your birthday with all of your superhero friends. it's much better to have a second party, wouldn't you say? jack's choice was family game night.

jack stayed awake until after midnight on saturday, so that he could experience *turning 7* (i didn't really have the heart, at that point, to tell him that he was a 6:36 PM baby...) i think he just wanted to make sure that i hung the happy birthday sign on his door! we also posted the good word outside on our signpost (please ignore the state of my cyprus mulch. and no, that is NOT snow. just sand.)

after jack spent the first 45 minutes or so running around and being the silly birthday boy, we managed to squeeze in a round of Mousetrap. it was Operation, however, that turned out to be the high stakes game of the night.

the seven year old was able to impart some serious knowledge to baby rebecca.

the request was for a round, chocolate cake. and, by george, he got it!! (despite all of my efforts to seriously mess that up*.)

(*when, WHEN will i learn not to overfill the baking pans? there is nothing quite like trying to hide the smell of chocolate-covered-heating-elements when you have family over for dinner!)

be forewarned, i may still get one more post out of this birthday!


Kelly A. said...

I hope you get 10 more posts out of the birthday! And what a cool kid to want to play games with his family for his big birthday event.

The midnight birthday is cute too. Happy Birthday Jack!

Amanda :-) said...

Wow, I love those candles! He does look quite grown up on those pictures, and his hair's still fine. Thank goodness, after that hair chop drama!

WHYYYY would we be bothered what your cypress mulch looks like?? Do you get mulch-envy?

Marie said...

this is a two-post omment rolled into one. first of all, your super hero party was brilliant. I will add it to my list of parties I want to do. The cookie medals were amazingly creative, and look so great too. You must be Lelly by day, SuperMom by night!

Next, the family party was fun looking too, and I love that he wanted to experience 'turning seven' at midnight.

PS: my daughter, Aimee, has her birthday on March 2nd too. How fun is that?

Barb said...

I love the look of concentration on your little guest's face for Operation!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday!!!! What a great cake - so much fun - very creative party thanks for sharing!

carlo said...

trying this again. i have gotten an error message twice

how i long to want to run around on my bday and act silly because it is my bed

though i MAY if i had the wonderful favors and snacks and crafty goodness you supplied. even at 40 i would!!


michelle said...

Happy Birthday to Jack! What a cute boy he is. I think it is wonderful that he wanted to share his special day with his family. :) The birthday sign is darling!

Katie A. said...

Oh, I forgot how much I used to LOVE Mousetrap. I may have to hijack it from my parents' house next time I visit.

Happy birthday Jack!

crystal said...

ForGET the chocolate-covered-
heating-elements!!! I'm just in awe that you managed to get the #%$&*% CAKE to look so good! I can't do a layered cake to save my life: they always look loppy and asymmetrical--exactly like something straight out of a Dr. Suess illustration.

Love the birthday signpost--what a fun tradition!

Rachel said...

The cake looks delicious! You can never go wrong with chocolate! What a handsome little man! Happy Birthday Mr. JACK!

wende said...

you can do as many posts about his birthday that you want, it will make him feel that much more special! i had a cupcake disaster at my house this weekend, so be grateful for your overflow, it wasn't as bad as what happened at my house! great post!

Jenny said...

Those birthday party favors are seriously so cool! It looks like the party was a hit. Happy birthday to the big or should I say little man Jack!