Wednesday, March 19, 2008

carolina in my mind

thought you could hum along with me while i drive across the state this afternoon.

i'm off to charlotte for a quick business trip.

i'll be back friday to check up on all of the wonderful spt/spw/spth and even spf posts!! i'll be posting a new challenge for next week, too. (and if you were already thinking "easter bonnets," guess again...)


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip. I am hoping to get my SPT up and running by then!!

Jenny :)

crystal said...

Oh please. For the love of all that's bonnets.

Claudissima said...

have a wonderful trip. hoW FUN. but bonnets? really? maybe this trip will give you a new objective!

crystal said...

Hope you had a good trip; go look at my Friday Funny's dedicated to you (heehee) ;)

carlo said...

i have always wanted to visit charlotte. is it a nice city?

fun biz trip. hope you had some lelly time?