Thursday, November 06, 2008

food network challenge

we love the food network challenge at our house.

last night, jack inspired a little food network challenge of our own. only, our cakes were made out of pop-up books. (have you looked at a pop-up book lately?!? they are veritable works of art!!)

jack was working with Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy (by Matthew Reinhart.)

i had The Chronicles of Narnia Pop-Up: Based on the Books by C.S. Lewis (Sabuda, Armstrong & Reinhart)

in each round, we had to choose a page as our "cake." after moving it to the table, we had to explain our inspiration, our sugar work, how we used our modeling chocolate... matty played keegan gerhard, and had the ominous job of judging our work. after seven rounds (whew!) we declared jack the winner, after he described how he used "glitter chocolate" to make C3PO.

we decided my style is very bronwyn weber, while jack is definitely duff goldman.

if you are a fan of beautiful pop-up books (the holidays are coming!), check out matthew reinhart's work here.

if you're a fan of the food network challenge, tune in at 7 pm eastern.


Kelly said...

Oh my goodness, Avery needs to come over to your house sometime. She loves food network challenge with a passion! Sounds like a fun evening -- 7 rounds?? You guys are ambitious!

Jill said...

What a creative evening you guys had. We like to watch Food Network Challenge on Sunday evenings together. We watched the Dr. Seuss Cakes competition last week and the pumpkin carving competition the week before. Good times.

Lene said...

Fun times.

I heart Duff.

carlo said...

oh i love it! we watch a lot of food network and love the challenges. how much fun is that?

when cass was about 5 she used to love hgtv's designer's challenge. she would redo our family room, complete with swatches and sketches. she would play multiple designers and "present" different designs.

we also play "chefs in the kitchen" (ellie's title) frequently. love their imagination.

carlo said...

ps- glitter chocolate on cp3o? brilliant move, jack!

Ann said...

You are such a cool mom!

*We do not have t.v. where we are currently living. There is a huge disconnect. (I'm o.k. as long as my mom doesn't talk about the shows I am planning to rent or download :) So, feel free to describe with details so I can live vicariously through you. Thanks.

Kim Sue said...

it's crazy we hardly have the time to turn the t.v. on watch especially together...where does the time go? but I think I will add it to the DVR so we will have a fun {family} option to watch!

Elizabeth said...

How fun!

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of that show (no surprise!) but it sounds like a fun one- as well as your game :)

Natasha said...

How fun!

Ginette said...

That is so funny. Love it. A fan of Top Chef too? I'm so excited the new one is on tonight!