Thursday, November 27, 2008

thankful outside of the box

this year, our extended family members are all out of town. which leaves us behind in southport. to feed all of their pets...

this happens every few years. when you are the oldest of four girls who are all now married, there are times that your sisters go to spend a holiday with their *other* families. and i sort of enjoy the quiet holidays from time to time.

i started the day here, which is a really nice way to start Thanksgiving Day, especially when you don't have to go home and prepare a feast!

we had leftover turkey breast, and we struck upon the idea of skipping the feast altogether, and going right to the leftovers. (did you see that the Food Network did an entire show on leftovers?!?)

of course, we didn't have leftover "anything else." just the turkey. so i set about making some Thanksgiving dishes so that we would have the "leftovers."

(does that seem a little twisted to you? jack thought so. but, anyway...)

cranberry smoothies!

"turkey and green bean casserole" pot pies! (i didn't have puff pastry in the house. so... i made my own. i know!)

fried stuffing with cranberry pesto! (what is better than bread dredged in bread crumbs and fried to perfection?!? nothing, i tell you!)

all in all, a lovely, if not-so-traditional, day.

i am giving thanks for all of my wonderful blog friends today. thank YOU all for GIVING so much!


Missy :o) said...

that's great, lelly! i love holidays that are simple sometimes, too! i'm glad you had a great day! :o)

Ann said...

Those pot pies look so good. It sounds like you had a near perfect day. Happy Thanksgiving.
Going Shopping early tomorrow?

Jenny said...

I too ran the turkey trot. Now I am seriously paying for it. Hope you guys had a great turkey day!

Jill said...

That is definitely Thanksgiving out of the box, I'm impressed!

carlo said...

love the pesto and the fried stuffing ideas. WOW!!


scott was very alton brown like with our turkey. i really must post about it soon.

michelle said...

You made your OWN puff pastry? Seriously impressive.

Your fried stuffing and cranberry pesto looks truly divine.

Amanda :-) said...

Blerrr, I read you talking about turkey and then saw the smoothie picture underneath - for a second I thought you'd liquidized it into some kind of protein-laden runner's drink. Gross, gross, gross. I almost didn't put it past you, madam, to do a mad thing like that! Hahaha.

Good luck with your running blog!!

Kim Sue said...

what a great day-after to have fun in your kitchen!

Alisha said...

I love the idea of a Turkey Trot. Maybe I'll start one around here. I need a good calorie-burner before the feasting begins.

The cranberry pesto looks yummy! (Well, so does everything.)

Chris said...

I ran on Thanksgiving too. Love the idea of fried stuffing and pesto. Very interesting choices. Hope it was great!