Friday, November 28, 2008

birthday good mail!

look at some of the goodness that came my way!!

natasha sent me perhaps the most thoughtful gift ever! she read my 100 list, and the gifts she selected were 100% me!! it gave me some serious warm fuzzy feelings!!

my highly-caffeinated friend, carlo, sent me this fantastic *scrabble tile* necklace with my word of the year on it!! again... i'm amazed at how well you women have gotten to know me through blogging. (isn't the wrapping paper adorable? a map of her "hometown.")

michelle sent me some of her wonderful tags, and jill gave me some of her self-designed note cards (jill, i LOVE the font. it's very *me!*)

i'm going to wrap up my birthday gift post with a shameless plug for joining facebook. if you are already using this social networking site, then you are familiar with how amazing it can be to reconnect with friends and family in an *almost* real-time venue. i received countless birthday wishes from cousins, school friends, camp friends and bloggers throughout the day. it was sort of like the gift that kept giving. check it out!

thank you, friends, for thinking of me on my birthday!


rebekah said...

happy birthday, lelly! i love the time and effort that went into all of those gifts.

michelle said...

Hooray for birthday good mail!

Hooray for 100 lists, too!

The Scrabble tile necklace is fabulous.

Marie said...

That is some seriously good goodmail. Wow. Gotta love bloggers.

Happy Birthday to you.

Jill said...

Hooray for such great birthday good mail! I love it that we can access each others' 100 lists so we can give thoughtful gifts, Natasha and Carlo did great!

Natasha said...

I'm glad you noted that I referenced the 100 list, otherwise your readers may think a Plug In as a b'day gift is rather twisted!!

I want to know where Carlo found that tile and I think her wrapping is the best-est!

carlo said...

oh yippee! i am thrilled that you had a great day and i am so happy your gifts are so lelly-like. yay!

word of the year
hundred lists
creative ideas abound

LOVE our blogging world...

carlo said...

ps- gals, the necklace came from a little etsy shop. she is fab and was so great to work with. i will look it up and give the link. she has amazing wine charms, too. so cool.

i have an etsy LOVE post brewing so pop over next week-- can't do it with the girls around since some of my great finds have been from there!

Amanda :-) said...

Blimey, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE scrutinizing what everyone gets as gifts on their blogs. It's fabby, isn't it? No wonder you were fuzzy about it all; what an array of treats!

Jah, big up the Facebook, Lelly!! *blush*

TinaAKAPeachez said...

Awwww! What great presents you received! Lucky you :D

Now, do you have a MySpace too or just Facebook?

Kim Sue said...

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear Lelly
happy birthday to you!!!