Sunday, November 02, 2008

the witching hour

it is 8:25 pm, and i am alone.

i don't know if 8:25 pm qualifies as the *witching hour.* it should be midnight or something. but all is quiet, and i'm enjoying every minute of it!

truth be known, i've been alone all day. what a rarity!! matty works on sundays, so he was long gone by the time i awoke at 7:30. jack and i had to catch up on a few episodes of Top Design. just before the second episode ended, a friend called and offered to take jack for the day!! matty had to go straight from work to Dracula, then picked up jack on the way home. i had beef stew in the crockpot, and they arrived home just as my vocal group was leaving. and they were both asleep by 8 pm!


i really don't mean to blog the night away (i have had the film "Chocolat" from Netflix for over three months!! it is calling my name tonight.) but before i go and cuddle up on the sofa, a few images of our halloween.

jack insisted on a "buyable" costume this year. and i was finally willing to oblige. he wore his costume to his cousin's birthday party in atlanta last weekend, and to our town's trunk-or-treat on halloween. and i don't have a single photo of him with the mask on. eh.

matty was a crazy chef (not really a stretch for him!)

you cannot see them in this pic, but i wore my very subtle *horns.* we make a lovely couple, don't we?

somehow, trunk-or-treat always sneaks up on us. we didn't do anything elaborate. we draped the back of the car with black sheets, and set out this lovely table of goodies. the "drink me" and "eat me" props were just for show, but they were a fantastic conversation piece. matty had to leave early for Dracula, so jack and i held down the fort.

i never thought i would be a trunk-or-treat fan. growing up, we walked our neighborhood with our dad, while our mom stayed home to hand out treats. then one of them would drive us around to the homes that were to far to reach by foot. so the thought of parading around a parking lot (or park, in our case), seemed a bit off to me. however, i have grown to really enjoy it. jack doesn't seem to be a huge fan of trick-or-treating, so he makes a pass to the different cars, and then parks himself at ours to help hand out candy. it is over promptly at 7:30, at which point we head home, under a dark porch light, and enjoy the rest of our evening quietly.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a nice break to have a day to yourself. Good for you.

lmerie said...

Sounds like a pleasant day and a pleasant night - enjoy Chocolat!

Holly said...

Oooh--enjoy your evening and your movie. Sounds perfect.

I am now a fan of the trunk or treat. I like everything being in one place and a safe environment.

patsy said...

I never thought I would be a fan of trunk or treat either- but it's really fun.

I have never seen Chocolat- it's on my netfix list too!
let me know if it's as good as they say?!

michelle said...

Hold on, you have a vocal group? Do tell. I'm jealous, I miss being in a vocal group. Jealous of you being home alone all day as well, that is peace right there.

Lucas likes to watch Top Design, too!

Price Cream Parlor said...

Sweet! I love that movie!
We did a trunk or treat at our church on Thursday night - I found some great ideas for decorating our car for next year...I love your "drink me" idea! CUTE!
Sounds like you guys had a great time! Perfect mix of crazy then the quiet.

Natasha said...

For the past 2 years Griffin has been like Jack - wanting a buyable costume. I caved both years and am soooo glad I did. He was thrilled with his tacky store bought Batman costume this year mand last year he was Spiderman.
I have never done trunk or treat but I like the idea of it, all in one place.

Jill said...

I'm cracking up that you've had Chocolat for 3 months! That's funny and sad, I really hope you got to watch it during your free day yesterday! How glorious to be alone.

Lucy said...

I love being home alone at night too.

Your costumes looks great. matty looks kind of scary!

Lene said...

home alone?!? that sounds like bliss.

carlo said...

there are few things i enjoy more than a bit of time alone. enjoying the peace and quiet. so happy for you.

rebekah said...

chocolat is one of those movies that makes me happy to be alive and living life.