Monday, November 17, 2008

still filling up the blogosphere with useless junk

for some reason, this little tool is very pleasing to me.

on the day i was born (almost 39 years ago...)it was 41 degrees. i'd have to check, but i'm pretty sure that little piece of information wasn't recorded in my baby book.

it was 58 on my sweet 16.

and 70 the day i turned 21.

what fun dates will you look up?


Ann said...

What a fun place to snoop around. I think I'll check out my b-day and a few others... it looks like there are some natural cures for cold there as well. I could use that right about now. Halls are disgusting.

Jill said...

Apparently it was 95 degrees on the day I was born...I must have started out pissy from the beginning!

Marie said...

You silly woman!

Cecilia said...

How fun! Now I'm going back to look up how hot it was when I was born :)

carlo said...

oh i must check my bday.

fun stuff. you are on a roll!

carlo said...

does it concern you that the temp is so dramatically different from your bday to your 21st bday?


not trying to get political or anything.


lelly said...

initially i was very concerned. but, keep in mind i was born in NY, and by 16 was in MD.

still scary though, even just the difference in MD between 16 and 21!