Thursday, December 03, 2009

the best article of o9

i can't recall one singular article that bore sharing this past year. i am an admitted "news snacker" - one who gets their news in snippets and tweets and sound bytes. what can i say? i've always loved the intro paragraph.

i will say that i spent the most time reading up on H1N1, and the pros and cons of vaccination. i am a child of Public Health Iliterally - my father retired from the Centers for Disease Control.)

i vaccinate.

the best of 2oo9


Jill said...

These Year in Review posts are making me feel senile because I can't remember much further than the past couple of months.

Amanda L. said...

I spent most of Sept and October reading/fretting about all this. We have 2 high risk individuals in our house and the vaccine was nowhere to be found. You can always find arguments for and against and I tend to be somehwhere in the middle.

Finally, after waiting on two different waiting lists...and as of tonight we are all 100% vaccinated.

michelle said...

This is really interesting, Lelly, coming from your CDC background. Now that we're back, I'm thinking we should look around for the vaccine.