Monday, December 21, 2009

solstice solace

wow, today had some really stressful moments. jack, a child who *needs* routine, meandered and whined his way through the first day of vacation. our day started rough, and was heading right back to it as we arrived home to begin the business of dinner and downtime (fortunately, my mom assures me that he did NOT threaten them with his wrath while they entertained him this afternoon.)

thank goodness for solstice. thank goodness we have a tradition of eating foods that can don't need to be cooked and fussed over. thank goodness we sit together in the glow of the tree and candles and count our blessings. thank goodness i was able to keep it together and not let jack's temper tantrums propel us all into winter doldrums. thank goodness.

welcome winter. today is the darkest day of the year. we light candles and welcome the return of the sun.

the return of sunshine on our faces and smiles for each other.


Ann On and On... said...

Thank goodness! I love the soft beautiful photos!

Natasha said...

Yes, pretty pics! Griffin needs his "woo-tine" too. We are doing equestrian camp next week but as for yesterday and today he has been wandering about complaining of boredom.

Jill said...

I think most kids need routine, especially consistent bedtimes, so these breaks from school really mess them up. Hopefully the rest of his break will be better.

I love the glow in these pictures.

patsy said...

Beautiful photos-- good for you for not losing your temper. The days before Christmas are so hard for kids- and moms!

I wish you had some snow (just a little) he could play in--

Great tradition here

Holly said...

What a smart idea to celebrate the Winter Solstice (we've never done that)--and to do so with simple, yet yummy foods.

We get all out of whack with the non-routine ish holidays too. Way to keep it together! :)

Your glowy pictures are BEAUTIFUL.

Alisha said...

I love the winter solstice, too! Your pineone centerpiece is beautiful.

michelle said...

What a wonderful tradition! I need to write this down to remember for next year... am I the only one who feels like every Christmastime is filled with things to do next year?

Kim Sue said...

I think this is a great tradition to add to our countdown box! Love all the candlelit pictures.