Wednesday, December 02, 2009

best restaurant experience of 'o9

small town living = limited "dining out" experience :( for three foodies like the ericksons, that can be a real challenge.


for the (almost) ten years that we've lived near wilmington, we've talked about stopping at a place called Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn. a few months back, jack was off at a birthday party, and matty and i found ourselves in Amy's neighborhood (sorry, jack!)

wow. the burrito barn did NOT disappoint. the burritos were the size of my head! and i could have subsisted entirely on their bottomless chips and salsa bar. oh, yes. a salsa bar. ginger lime salsa. wasabi salsa. black bean salsa. chipotle salsa.

and, for 45 minutes, matty and i relished a meal together. the two of us. no crayons or DS games at the table. no "finish your dinner," or "you have to go to the bathroom NOW?" (does anyone else have children who are fascinated with using restaurant bathrooms?)

Amy, we will be back. soon. with our 8 1/2 year old foodie in tow. after all, someone's got to help us get to the bottom of that bottomless basket of chips!

the best of 2oo9


Crystal said...

Mmmm... I love me some cheap Flamin' Amys

Jill said...

This place sounds so good. I have a deep affection for Mexican food and am hungry at the moment.

Kelly said...

I so did not need to read this right now, I'm hungry! Sounds like my kind of heaven.

Amanda L. said...

Terry and I had an awesome dining experience at a great Mexican place a few weeks back as well (which is particularly difficult in the northeast).

No kids menus, no prizes, no crayons...!

Glad you two had a nice evening together!

michelle said...

Oh ho, that sounds like my kind of place! Jealous.

My brother used to have to use public restrooms everywhere we went. Drove us all crazy.