Sunday, December 20, 2009

"no snow" days

so, pretty much the rest of the east coast/mid-atlantic region is having the White Christmas of their lives. unfortunately for one 8 year-old, we live just a little too far east for the historic snowfall.

oh, we had precipitation. it rained and rained and RAINED on friday. literally put a damper on our third annual holiday drum circle. but that did not deter us from heading out with our festive finger foods.

i saw a link to this tree of pinwheels over at not martha. (you can see a snazzy photo from the Cook's website here.) i have to say that it took me a ridiculously time to stack the pinwheels so that it looked somewhat like a tree (and not a bizarre shrub.) the Cook's promo shot is decidedly more "Seussian" than mine.

after our clothes dried and our fingers unpuckered on Saturday morning, we went for the trifecta: oh, yes, we managed to sqeeze in "gingerbread house making" "Christmas cookie baking" and "turning all 1,000 pieces of the Christmas puzzle face up" in one day!

i've made a certain peace with gingerbread house making over the past few years. once again, i thought maybe we might "forget" about this little tradition. thank goodness i have jack to keep me on my game!! (if you need a laugh, or just a refresher on my gingerbread woes, might i direct you to '06 and '07.

i had the brilliant idea to have a little cookie exchange with my mom and sisters this year. i can't even tell you about the obscene amount of cookies we had to exchange. (i think next year we should all bring about one dozen cookies. period. end of story.) i seriously have no idea what i'm going to do with all of these!!

the puzzle is out, and ready for working. this year we set it up on our kitchen table. i have been drawn to it more than once today, and jack and i just finished up a good hour of puzzling together. ("mom, you have to double check that all of those border pieces are correct. IN ALL MY YEARS OF PUZZLING, that's been my experience...")

to recap: snow? no. sugar? yes.

merry christmas week!!


Amy said...

Jack's puzzling comment is my favorite. So funny! This whole post just sounded cozy and holidayish...even if you have no snow. But Christmas has obviously never been about snow to this Arizona girl.

Kelly said...

No snow, yes sugar is my heaven! You're living the dream, girl!

Natasha said...

Oh how I am missing sugar now that I am reading about your cookies!

I have never made peace with gingerbread houses. We don"t do them. Period. I admire anyone who can.

Holly said...

Sorry about the whole no snow thing. Bummer.

Can you freeze some of those treats? I've never seen so many! But...YUM!

I don't think we'll be gingerbread housing it this year. I am proud of you though and applaud your efforts.

That tortilla tree is too festive for its own good. Very cute!

michelle said...

I remember your gingerbread woes well!

Too bad you guys missed the snow. Or, good, for whoever would have had to shovel all of that!

I LOVE cookie exchanges. I love homemade cookies SO much, and having all those varieties makes me happy!

Alisha said...

Hah! I love that you have annual gingerbread trauma. We suffer from it at our house, too. Why do we perpetuate these Christmas traditions? But the kids do seem to love it, regardless.