Tuesday, December 08, 2009

the best conference of 'o9

january was so long ago, that it almost doesn't qualify for 'o9.
january is often such an insignificant month, don't you think?
and yet, i've already mentioned my january trip THREE TIMES in this year-in-review.

it was THAT good.

the whole reason i went to New Orleans was to attend the annual Hampton Inn conference, a yearly gathering of GMs and executives and themed dinners. i *love* conference. i love the chance to get away from my little town at the end of the earth and play cosmopolitan girl. i love exploring new airports (okay, not really). i love missing my family a little bit.

conference has taken place in Las Vegas and D.C. and Orlando. and New Orleans. (any guesses for 2010? it's BIG. y'all.)

i am a bit of a conference dork, in that i love the general sessions and the motivational speakers. i love being recognized as one of the top performing managers in my brand. i love navigating buffet lines with my GM friends from all over north carolina and more.

the underlying theme of conference this year was "building your circle of friends." my circle and i have taken this idea and run with it this year. my circle had become my sanity, my sounding board, my mentors and best friends. i appreciate Hampton for lighting the spark that fueled even greater connections with contemporaries i already liked and admired. for creating friendships among acquaintances.

the best of 2oo9


rebekah said...

Lelly, you're an awesome person. You're every employer's dream come true. When people organize conferences and workshops, they hope everyone will show up with your kind of attitude.

Natasha said...

Is 2010 New York?

lelly said...

not New York.

Holly said...

It's great you love work conferences since it seems like many begrudge them. It's good to step back, recharge and build relationships with your team/co-workers.

Plus you got to tag up with Natasha!!

michelle said...

Seriously, conference organizers must love people like you!

Crystal said...

I know! I know!

Also, before 09 conference Lelly made fun of my smartphone addication. After 09 conference she had became a fellow addict. Haha!