Tuesday, May 08, 2007

spt - cinco de mayo

between college and marriage, i spent some time working in the restaurant biz. anyone who has ever worked in the business knows that cinco de mayo, like many *holidays* is happily promoted by the alcohol industry. for several years, cinco de mayo meant blending gallons of watery margaritas and refilling endless tiny bowls of so-so salsa.

of course, this was in suburban Hotlanta, where "mexican restaurants" were cheerfully placed on every other corner. (and, by "mexican restaurants" i mean the big corporate brands: rio bravo, on the border, etc. not so much "mexican," i guess, but that's a topic for a different post.)

we have two family owned mexican restaurants in southport. they are carbon copies of each other, offering quick service, affordable food, entertainment for the the family. this past cinco de mayo, we headed out with my sister and brother-in-law, expecting the place to be packed. apparantly, the alcohol industry has not infiltrated our little community so much. there were no vinyl banners with technocolor parrots advertising corona specials, no blinking plastic margarita glasses, no one passed out on the bar from too many cheap tequila shots. wow! refreshing, actually!

all this is to say, i'm celebrating a different cinco de mayo this year. here are cinco things that have graced my mailbox this mayo:

except, apparantly, i can't count, because this is siete! siete wonderful gifts from michelle a., annalisa, lisa, barb, amanda s., jen, bridget, andy, natasha & carlo.

muchas gracias!!


Jenny said...

Hey, I live in a Mexican city and I didn't even eat Mexican food. I think Papasitos even has a buy one get one free fajita plate. Such a shame. I made up for it and went yesterday to Chuy's a couple of days late. How cool you have a family who owns a restaurant.

I love your take on the cinco de mayo oops I mean siete. Good loot!

donna said...

Super SPT!

I also worked in the restaurant biz while I was in HS.

I love eat the REAL Mexican food. It is my favorite. My hubby has a great Spanish rice recipe! Yummy!

Have a wonderful day my friend.

Kelly A. said...

How did I miss the Cinco de Mayo challenge? This year I was a dud, but I did have chips and sala at Chili's. That will have to count.

amy m said...

I set out one year to celebrate cinco de mayo but couldn't find the party. It was a dud.

Love your 6 pieces of thoughtful mail.

Rachel said...

Did someone say Mexican food? Yum... We prefer the hole in the wall REAL mexican food in our house. You know the places? You need to take Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer to? HA! But it's so tasty!

Lucy said...

I love real mexican restaurants where the food is fast and affordable. My kind of place.

We didn't go out for mexican. Sad. Safer steaks instead for us.

Tiffanie said...

I completely forgot about cinco de mayo until Monday...how sad, I missed an excuse to eat mexican food..I will definatley have to make up for that one!

carlo said...

so good to see you on spt!

love your good mail!

Elizabeth said...

I had to make our own food to celebrate because there is no place worth going here.
Your mail is a happy sight.

michelle said...

I LOVE Mexican food! I didn't celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year. I flew home from Utah that day, had a 21st birthday party for my oldest, and had another son go to prom! I just had to pass this year! :) Actually I am not a huge fan of this holiday. We usually take the kids out for Mexican food, and that's about it.

Bridget said...

We did have some Mexican food on Sat. It was totally authentic but not too chainy food either.

I never worked in a restaurant. I bet that was not easy work.

Take care!

Michelle A. said...

Hope you had a great trip! Glad you got your card. I went on vacation and missed two SPT's - but I finally posted the two I missed and this weeks! Yeah! I have no good mexican restuarants up here, but had some good stuff in Texas last week. Great SPT Posts!

Amy said...

oh...who's counting really? Good mail is good in any number. Fun stuff to come home to after D.C.!

Sandi said...

There is nothing better than real mail in the mail box not on the computer. Good things to be celebrating!