Thursday, May 17, 2007

spt - the recap

there is simply no way to recap this week's challenge. i have laughed and cried and counted my blessings and sat up straight with my ankles demurely crossed... all of these are gifts from our mothers. the eloquence in this week's posts could never be marketed by hallmark! thank you, thank you for introducing us to your mothers, and for sharing your mother's day photos.

it is FUN to see so many spt posts this week!! i know we are torn with end-of-school-year commitments, exotic trips, crummy spring colds, houses to sell (houses to buy!) i hope you have found time to swing through the blogosphere. leave a comment for your blogging friends. say hello to a new blogger. need graduation gifts? father's day presents? teacher thank-yous? i'm sure someone around here is willing to share an idea or two. you might even be able to support a cottage business along the way!

to kick off my own celebration of national new friends/old friends week, i must direct you to some new additions to the *image consultant* sidebar. it's growing again!!

did you watch the magic garden with paula and carole when you were younger? every day they would look into their magic mirror and welcome their new friends. if i had a magic mirror, today i would say hello to brittney and rebekah and liz and kim and cindy and staci!!


Rebekah said...

Aww, shucks...:)You've made me feel so welcome here and I appreciate it so much.

lelly said...

MY pleasure!!

Liz said...

Thanks for the shout out. Love getting to know you better. You are the blogging Queen!

Kelly A. said...

National friends week. There is a great holiday! So important. Let's lobby for time off work/school too. Or what if a travel company offered some kind of deep discount so friends could get together. (Cue the dreamy music.) Any sponsor would have my business for life!