Tuesday, May 29, 2007


here i am, with my favorite springtime purse, bought for $5.00 @ target many, many years ago. LOVE the colors, LOVE the plastic tubing handles, LOVE the nylon mesh fabric. the whole bag just says FUN!!

it is, however, a natural disaster (aren't most tote-type bags?!?) here's what we see today:

cellphone (a necessary evil when you manage a business that is *open* 24/7)
notepad (i have many, many brilliant ideas, but can't remember a single one!)
various pens (mostly pilfered from the hampton inn)(tee hee)
three sets of keys (am i the only one? really?)
fiber one bar (gotta snack)
gum (always)
lipliner/lipgloss (about the only makeup i wear - besides spf 50 sunblock on my face!)
books of the bible bookmark (a gift from the sunday school director for jack)
random receipts (i am BAD about keeping receipts organized.(
frogger (left in the car from our recent trip to atlanta?)
ben 10 (i am TOTALLY a mother of a BOY!)
memory stick (for shuffling brilliant ideas between home and work)
loose change (natch)

so, any surprises? did you learn anything new about me? do you face similar "tote-bag trauma?"


SHERI said...

I like the idea of keeping the notepad. I am usually writing phone numbers and info or ideas on the back of random receipts or napkins- or what ever paper I can find.

kristi brooke said...

i learned you wear 50 sunblock on your face... yikes i am such a sun worshiper. maybe i should get some sunblock..

thanks i loved this. i can't find my memory card for my camera but as soon as i do , i will post too.

Rebekah said...

I think we are the same person in many regards. I have so much of the same stuff in my purse. I dumped mine out last night, and I'll post my results tonight!

Barb said...

Your tote bag is in seriously great shape for how long you've had it. My favorite summer bag is falling apart - I'm really hard on my belongings. Good girl with the sun block!

Rachel said...

Cute purse! Very SPRING! I have the same problem with losing things in my purse! :)

Jenny said...

Like Kristi--I need to absorb your habit of 50spf sunblock. I guess that's why my face is looking wrinkly these days.

Cute purse--I have many of the same contents as you saw.

donna said...

Sunblock. I need to put that in my purse. I have it in my car. I think sometime we need to show what we have in our cars for STP!!!

Wow for 5.00. Got to love Target.

katie said...

I loved this one. I love seeing the things people don't always share about ourselves. fun idea

Kelly A. said...

Great mom of boy tote. I like the extras you accumulate for Jack.

carlo said...

we are so similar. in my target purse from 2 yrs ago we find:

-sunblock- always, including lipbalm with sunblock
-notebook- yep
-kid toys- too many
-lip gloss- yep
-gum- yes, exact kind
-fiber one bar- of course
-cell- check
-wallet- Empty of cash usually- check.

all you are missing is a starbucks card in your purse.

need to get my spt done. i didn't even realize it was tuesday until i saw barb posting and wondered how she posted a day ahead...

Amy said...

My face is bright red burn right now because I don't carry sun block in my purse. How's that for an AZ girl. My poor children. A notebook is a great idea. I write things down on random papers & never find them when I need them, and only find them when I'm needing something else. Go figure.

Elisa said...

I too am a tote dumper, my purse is always a disaster!!

I think your purse says you are a fun low maintenance, religious, mom.

Lucy said...

What I've realized, during this particular SPT challenge, is that I don't take proper advantage of having a purse! Who knew it could contain so many goodies!

Well...apparently everyone.

michelle said...

What a cute summery purse! I lose just about anything,a nd everything in my purse! YEA! for wearing the sunblock

sista # 2 said...

Cute spt! I usually have a protein bar in my bag too -but I ate it!HA
I feel more organized when I know there is pen & paper in my posession!I rarely have Brilliant ideas, but I know how to write an impossible 'to -do' list!:)Janae

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the peek. Yes my totes look very much the same. Thanks again for you spt work!

michelle said...

I am amazed your tote is still in such good shape! I must be hard on them... loooove Fiber One bars, I usually carry one in my purse too. I may have to try to catch up on this spt, I have been so out of it lately.

amy m said...

Love that you have a spring time purse. I keep a note pad as well and find it invaluable...I guess that is if I can find a pen/pencil.

Hopefully I'll get to participate in spt next week.

Cozzette said...

Fun SPT! I love the multi colored tote.

annalisa said...

This really was a fun (easy) post to do. How do we colect so much junk in our purses?!

Bridget said...

I am glad I am not the only one who carries various boy toys around with them. Is your son into Pokeman cards? That is our new obsession.

Kelly said...

We have quite a similar assortment of purse items. Everything does get quite jumbled.

This was a fun spt!

Jill said...

This is a delightful SPT subject, I love seeing what's in everyone's bags (my post will be late, it already is). The contents of your bag look pretty normal to me, I love that you have Ben 10 in there.

Amanda :-) said...

I love that you like plastic handles. I'm such a worrier about whether I'm 'allowed' to still like the things I liked in my 20s when I'm in my 30s. Plastic handles does shout FUN! And why not? There's plenty of time before we feel we have to sport a mock-croc clutch bag...isn't there?!