Monday, May 07, 2007

spt - smaller than a deck of cards

first tomato, june 2005

remember the rebel blogger who was going to post her spt on friday? you know, *breakin' the rules*!! how freeing!!

yeah, i totally ran with that idea. so, now it's monday, and i grabbed an older pic from my desktop, and there's no self in it (well, except if you count the "self" who created those little hands.)

this is one of the first photos i ever took after i had been reading blogs for a while. even though i wasn't reading photography blogs, per se, i had already picked up on the nuance of shooting photos that really captured more feeling. coincidentally, one aspect of the conference i just attended was the concept of making a good frame into a great frame. (dewitt jones, national geographic)

the subject? my son jack, then 4, and the first tomato picked from our vine. it was a hot and humid day, and after we picked the tomato, he posed for shot after shot, as i tried to capture the feeling of picking the first tomato. we sat on my bed (good light? neutral background?), and when i was finally satisfied, we ate that tomato right then and there.

what does this have to do with the challenge? i'm not sure (there she is, that *rebel* again!) his hands cupped together were probably the size of a deck of cards. the tomato surely was smaller.

what i treasure about this photo is that it captures a moment. a moment with a child. a moment in the summer. a moment of dirty fingernails and possibilities. (when the photo was taken, we would not know that it would be the only tomato that grew on that vine.)

the photo of my son with his tomato is a good frame. the photo of my sons hands cradling something he grew himself is a great frame.


donna said...

What a wonderful post and a great picture. So sweet. I also love home grown tomatoes. We are going to plant our garden tonight.

Barb said...

I treasure a vegetable garden and summer days with my kids as well.

Elizabeth said...

This was worth the wait. I love the summers with my kids. And my favorite childhood memories are from summer. Endless possibilities for sure.

annalisa said...

I think it's perfect for the post. We got our garden in. The green is looking a little wilted and iffy, but I hope it will survive to bring us at least one tomato.

kristi brooke said...

oh i love tomatoes!!!
great photo and nice thoughts, we sure did you miss you while you were gone. everyone was gone last week.

Amy said...

I love that. I haven't been brave enough to try to grow tomatoes. Yet. They're so plump & yummy that it seems more difficult than herbs somehow. Looks delicious though!

p.s. you're such a rebel.

oh, and glad you got a new camera!

Cristin said...

Great picture!

Glad to see you are back!

Jenny said...

Beautiful photo. Love that you have it framed.

Jill said...

I think it's cool that this photo marks your transition into capturing life with photos. It's a whole new world isn't it? Very cool.

Chris said...

Welcom Back! I love the cute photo and the sweet memory that you wrote. What a good idea. I also love tomatoes right from the garden sun. They are delish!

amy m said...

The thing I love most about photos is being able to capture these moments of life you never want to forget. Really enjoyed your thoughts.