Monday, July 14, 2008


things that i did not love about running tonight:

it was even more humid at 7 pm than it was at noon
i was having some mid-back pain (a strange new area for me)
bugs WILL stick to chapstick

things that i did love about running tonight:

i've shaved 45 seconds of my mile since i ran last monday
it was overcast, so was pretty much in the shade the entire way (even at 7 pm!)
i'm enjoying the rest of this evening so much more

despite a great first mile, i walked during two separate 5 minute running stretches (but fortunately for only about 15 - 20 seconds each time.) i ran the exact route i ran on saturday, and my final time was only 1 second faster. such is life.

total time 44:11

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Hannah said...

Back pain while running is awful. I blame shoes when that happens. Do you cross train at all with strength moves? Core exercises would help and for the most part they are easy to do.

45 seconds off your mile is amazing Lelly!