Saturday, July 12, 2008


because it is saturday, i was able to get up and run this morning. (why was i awake at 6:30 when i didn't need to be?!? probably becuase i fell into bed at 10 last night, and got a solid 8 for the first time in m.o.n.t.h.s!!)

oh, how i wish my schedule allowed for morning running all the time! i am such a morning person, anyway. it is so easier to get up and go for it first thing in the morning, rather than cajole myself into getting excited about it late in the day after work.

after my sluggish experience on thursday, i just decided to go with a walk 1/run 5 for the entire run, and it made a huge difference for me today. no, not time wise. certainly not time wise. it just seemed more... manageable. (in other words, i was still sluggish, but i didn't *feel* sluggish, if that makes sense??)

and, for just a brief moment, i think my body was really happy to be running again!

and i am set for the rest of the day!!

total time 44:12


carlo said...

yay for morning runs! and yay for your 8!!!!! WOW!!!!

impressive. keep it up!!

Hannah said...

"and i am set for the rest of the day!!"

For me, that is the real beauty of those morning runs. Sure it isn't as hot, sure my girls are a little more fresh and less likely to revolt, sure I am not weary from the day. Those are all great- but I love accomplishing something so big so early in my day and that I don't have to wrestle with my mind to go later.

Carry on Lelly! You are on a roll my friend!