Friday, July 11, 2008

photoless phriday

you know it's bad when you have to swing by your own blog to check your schedule...

the past week has been a whirl! wind! just a few of the things that have stood in the way between blogging and i recently:

1) time warner outage on tuesday morning, which left us without the www at home for most of the week (apparently, the outage only lasted a few hours. there was something wrong on our end after that. after countless unsuccessful/unanswered phone calls to the cable company, and even more fruitless efforts at booting and rebooting, it was jack who somehow managed to do the trick and get us back online.)

2) good news! i should be getting my work computer back sometime this week... with all photos intact!! (apparently, replacing the *mother board* isn't quite as scary as it sounds.)

3) our *surprise* bi-annual inspection at the hotel. (apparently, finding out about your *surprise* inspection four days in advance leads to - you guessed it - four nights of fitless sleep.) no worries - we scored our 9th Outstanding in a row!! woo hoo! (i have the greatest team in the business!)

4) we've just finished blocking the final scenes of "Seussical!" and will soon move into those crazy weeks of run-throughs. (apparently, the Cat has waaay more lines in Act II, and i am feeling totally unprepared to put down my script any time soon!)

5) while i haven't been blogging, i've been thinking up some really fantastic spt challenges for the fall and the holidays. (apparently, the arrival of the first Christmas catalog in the mail the other day really made an impression!)

what have you been up to?


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Congrats on the Outstanding, Lelly. And double congrats living through your week! You've got a lot of irons in the fire, way to go for keeping them all hot.

Alisha said...

Let's hear it for the children who know more about computers than us old ladies!

I wish I could see your Seussical in rehearsal . . . sounds like so much fun.

Christmas. I LOVE Christmas. But even I--who LOVES Christmas--am not *quite* ready to think about Christmas (and rain and cold and dark) yet. :)

Congrats on your great rating!

michelle said...

A Christmas catalog already?? Wow. I'm still in the thick of summer and can't think about that yet. So glad your computer is getting fixed and you're back online. And I love that Jack got you up and running!

The monkey bunch said...

Are you serious? Christmas catalog already. I think I might have to boycott that store, just on principle!
Good job on the Outstanding!

wende said...

i love that jack was the one that fixed your computer - from the mouth (or brains) of babes eh?

i can't believe your survived a week without the web! that sounds just like detox to me and i definitely would've suffered some withdrawls over it. glad to have you back!

....and, i promise to do the july spts some time very soon, i have ideas for them, just no photos yet!

carlo said...

ps- pink christmas has put me in the mood! i need to start thinking early b/c we want to do really homespun gifts this year.

pss- i am still terrified of pink christmas but excited, too

carlo said...

the reason there is a ps is b/c i wrote another comment but where is it?

strange. it was something like

"as always, you are amazing"

congrats on your outstanding rank. i don't doubt your team is awesome b/c of YOU!!!!!!!!

i would SO love to just check into your hotel luck you woudl be on vacation or something

oh and when does the Cat don the Hat???

Rebekah said...

if i am ever in your neck of the woods i am definitely staying at your hotel!

Kim Sue said...

Big Sigh of Relief that you will get your pictures back....that scare made me start to organize mine and get them backed up. Not done yet but I am working on it! Congrats on being outstanding...i knew you were :)