Thursday, July 10, 2008


it was only 86 degrees when i got home from work today. one would think that would have made a difference. oh, well...

i felt really sluggish, but persevered. i ran 1/9, 1/9 then it was 1/4, 1/4 all the way home. i need to get my mind & body working together again (it will help once my body realizes we are running again!!)

total time: 32:10


carlo said...

"it will help when my body realizes we are running again"

love that quote. can so relate to that.

great job, sista!

Hannah said...

Monday morning will be back to real life for me and back to training and I think I will need a mantra or a reminder that my body will realize we are running again. At least our bodies can remember, right?

And 86 degrees does not sound pleasant to RUN in. Sit and chat, yes. Run, no. You are stellar.