Saturday, July 05, 2008

july 4th, 2008 (or, does the 4th of July Festival ever get old?)

the 4th of July Festival is a huge deal here. and we've been living through it for 8 summers now. granted, the festival was one of the things that sold us on this town when we visited during July 1999. (if you are ever shopping for a new town, i highly suggest visiting during a festival like this. everyone is in a GREAT mood, and it seems like every flag is snapping in the breeze for your own personal enjoyment.)

eight summers later, some of the grandeur feels a little tarnished. festival time is a popular time for visitors, and we've worn ourselves thin a few years, trying to make sure EVERYone sees EVERYthing over the course of EVERYday of this three (sometimes four) day festival. this year was different. quieter. thank goodness.

NO house guests. just the three of us. on our own time, doing only the things we wanted to do. we slept in, i tinkered with my $3 tee shirt (i can't stand how men's tee shirts fit, but who could beat the price?!?), had a leisurely breakfast. when my sister called at 10:05, she was a little surprised we hadn't left for the parade yet. just where were we planning to park, anyway?

(note to self, the man with the long arms really should hold the camera for family self-portraits...)

we cruised into town, passing by a gazillion people parking way too far away. we pulled right into the little lot we stumbled upon last year, giving each other a little high five as we leisurely strolled to the parade route. (and since i know there are local people who read this blog [and since you won't tell me who you are], i will NOT reveal the site of our bonus parking spot.) {so there.}

jack was on duty to sell hotdogs with the men's club at our church, which overlooks the early part of the parade route. we had a nice breeze, some shade, and restrooms. really, there's no better way to watch a parade in july.

after the parade, we scarfed down some requisite *festival food* and made our way through the arts & crafts fair. for the third year in a row, i passed on buying a very cool, hand carved mermaid for our living room. (there was really no way i could buy it after jack said: what's more important? decorations? or money that we can use to buy food for our survival?!?) (some days, i want to elect a 7 year old President...)

we toured the *old jail* which is maintained by the local historical society. i really could not resist taking a photo of this little sign...

we walked around town and found inspiration among the picket fences.

we headed home for naps (me) before heading back to town to have dinner at my parents' house. we missed you max and allison!

after strategically pre-parking our cars for a fast getaway following the fireworks show, we were happy to enjoy the breezes on the riverfront. i show you this photo, despite the fact that i am covered in a days worth of sweat, bug spray, gritty sand and salty ocean breezes. i show this to you, even though i can't stand how i look with my sweaty, salty hair pulled up in a pony tail. no, i show this to you because i know you will just love how i capped sleeves on my $3 tee shirt!!

happy 4th of July, 2008!!


Alisha said...

Love the tee-shirt! (And hooray for no company.) Thanks for the 4th of July post . . . I had good intentions, but it didn't happen.

Jill said...

At-home sleeve capping eh? Impressive.

Rhonda said...

Still smiling over the "note to self" about having someone with long arms take the picture of self.

Sounds like a nice and wonderful time with family. We too kept things low key!

patsy said...

What a great 4th! I love the parking spot story- I too think people should visit towns on days like this to see what's goin on. I love my town & a big part of that love is because of the 4th.
great post

linda said...

Lelly, after being born and raised in CA we're now looking for a new adventure and a new place to enjoy life...and your city sounds wonderful...and it's by a river!

Our goal is to move on or near a river or lake and out of CA but it's not easy, there's just so many neat places in this big beautiful US that we live does one choose!?!

The small town feel of yours just sounds so comfortable! Glad this holiday was so enjoyable for you.

April said...

Love the 4th festivities and especially love your sweaty, ocean-sprayed look sunned and happy!

Becky said...

Love your fireworks photo, your capped sleeves (obviously, your sewing machine does not hate you--mine hates me), your 7-yr-old president who is oh-so-wise, your "so there" to resident lurkers, and lots of other things about this post! :)

Glad you had a fun 4th of July...

Jeanette said...

Sounds like a fun day and you look cute with your hair pulled up. Love what Jack said about buying food for survival instead of decorations. I think I'll adopt it as my new motto.

Laurie said...

That, to me, sounds like a quintessential 4th of July.

Cecilia said...

That sounds like a great 4th of july to me! Sleeping in and taking a nap in the middle of the day?!?!?It doesn't get any better!!!!
I love the $3 shirt!!

carlo said...

so much goodness in this post but my fave may be the capped sleeve!

seriously! how many times i have a cute tee that is too big or has the terrible huge sleeve. you are a genius.

love the fireworks action shot.

carlo said...

and i have to say I love the "ponytailed, sweaty, bug sprayed, sandy and gritty" lelly shot. really!

i love my hair when i am near the water-- not a flat and lifeless there for some reason.

Alisa said...

I love your day! It sounds like it was a wonderful 4th!