Monday, July 07, 2008


it was 89 degrees when i got home from work. after a stressful monday, i found myself literally curled up in my bed with a blanket pulled over my head!! what the?!#$

i just decided i needed to do something... i needed to run... so, i did.

i didn't have very high expectations, since i haven't run since (aHEM) May. thanks to hannah, i just sort of committed to the fact that i was going to be totally sweaty. totally and obnoxiously sweaty. i won't even dwell on that any more.

i was pretty amazed at how quickly my body responded to the walk 1/run 9 cycle. i arbitrarily picked that cycle out of the air. it seemed like 1/5 wouldn't push myself enough, and a 1/10 was too much math on the old stopwatch. so, 1/9 it was. it took me 16 minutes to run a mile, but i honestly felt SUPER about that mile.

and then it was mile 1.00001. and apparently my body realized we were out for a run! (thank goodness it was flat, because between the sweat and the vague aching in my thighs, i think the challenge of a tiny hill would have put me flat on the ground.) but i pushed through it!

total time 28:33, and i was able to eek out 1.75 miles. YAY, me!!

(oh, and as for that bad mood. well, YOU know the end of that story. i love you endorphins!!)


Hannah said...

Woohoo Lelly! Way to take control of your crappy day and make something of it instead of sinking down further into that bed :)

Isn't it awesome how our bodies have that muscle memory and get back into it? Congrats on your 1.75 miles- well fought for and earned. Keep it up!

Rachel Stewart said...

Yes, you've gotta love the endorphins. Just wanted to say way to go from one runner to another.

Is your half marathon still on the books for November?

I am April's (two regrets) sister by the way...if you were trying to figure out the blogging connection.

Amy said...

Lelly, I just read your comment on Rachel's running blog & then discovered this. Amazing! I'm so proud of you for taking on a challenge like this. I toy with the idea of running, but have never committed. You are AWESOME!

carlo said...

great job. impressed that you just DID it and glad you had your reward at the end.