Sunday, July 20, 2008

so easy lelly could do it

yesterday, i was feeling a bit under the weather (and no, it didn't have anything to do with Tropical Storm Cristobal...) however, i did take advantage of the rainy afternoon to get matty's help with some projects that have been lingering about in my head.

the first was hanging a project that i started about five months ago. that's right, it's been lying around *almost* done since february. so long ago, that i can't seem to find the "before" photos that i just know i snapped. alas.

this was originally one of matty's *ground score* items. (if you don't know our lingo, a *ground score* is any object we find put out to the curb by some family that doesn't love it anymore.) this curio sort of cabinet needed a little touch-up paint, and then it was ready to pretty up.

if you look closely, you will see several gifts i have received from blogging friends, including patsy's famous *message in a bottle.*

not the greatest picture, i know, but i'm just thrilled to have it on my wall (and no longer on the floor in a prime toe-stubbing location!) matty's response when he first saw it was that it looked "good mail-y..." apparently, he has taken notice of the ribbon and labels and general cuteness that has entered this house over the past few years!

the next project was... Ta Da!... using another of our fabulous old windows. and this time, the inspiration came from patsy!! i followed her inspiration (and link) to Joys of Home (a new site for me, and i think i might be in trouble, now! TONS of fun tutorials and perfect inspiration for all of our *ground scores.*!!)

the flag is a little crooked, i know, but i love it's crooked charm!

what makes this project extra special for me is that the old flag i used has actually been sitting in our garage for a quite a while. it is sun-faded and had started to fray around the edges. i have been meaning to take it to the "flag retirement ceremony" during the past two 4th of July festivals, but for whatever reasons, it was still hanging around the garage. this old flag had since been replaced with a nylon, more weather resistant version. and now, we have a great family memory in a piece of artwork that is large enough to hang over our sofa.

i remembered to jot these words down on the back side. i know you can't see it when it's hanging on the wall, but it might be my favorite part of this project!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I love that you signatured your flag, Lelly. I love the frame of it, too...especially the crooked charm. Yea, Lelly!

patsy said...

Hey I LOVE it- all of it!!
that joy's of home blog is down right charitable & genious- the way she shows all her brilliant ideas & in tutorial form- I think i love her....

Okay I am so thrilled to see my message in a bottle on your cabinet. I have the valentine you made me inside my music notebook that I use every Sunday when i teach music to the kids at church-I love that is surprises me & It brings a smile to my face every week.
I wish we could score some ground score items- the best.
Whenever I get projects done like this I feel great :)

Kim Sue said...

I saw your earlier snap and loved the flag and now I love it even more that it has a personal story behind it. Super cute cubbie cabinet too!

wende said...

so fantastic! i love this flag idea, i saw patsy's in person and the pics just don't do it justice, is so beautiful. yours turned out fantastic.

so, i'm the kind of person who likes pretty fabric on the inside of my shoes where no one else can see it but i know i have something cute on my person in secret. so my favorite part of your flag project is your cute journaling, LOVE this.

i think of a cute little grand child finding this framed flag of yours and getting a little glimpse of the story behind it. if she (or he) is anything like me, this will be a treasure for them forever!

Cecilia said...

Great projects!
I loved reading about the story behind all of them!

The monkey bunch said...

What an amazing idea. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

Marie said...

Checking projects off the list is so wonderful. I love it. A couple of months ago I was all caught up on my projects. It was amazing. So of course I took up several more, that are now waiting for me to finish them!

Lene said...

I love finally getting things finished.

Your framed flag is wonderful. I am so glad you put the little note on the back.

Natasha said...

I think I will adopt the term "ground score" too!

What treasures you have here lelly, thanks for sharing!!

Elizabeth said...

I have been missing you Lelly, I had to pop in. I hope your me time is coming back to you. I don't seem to have too much of that right now.

Jill said...

I love finishing projects like that, especially ones that have been waiting around causing us to stub our toes (I have a couple of those going on right now).

The flag looks awesome! Patsy just barely posted that so you were fast acting on that. Way to go. I love your note on the back of it too.

Jenny said...

I love that idea Lelly! We actually had a flag in our garage in San Antonio. I may have to do that one.

Aranne and Dan said...

Both projects are fabulous... I really like the flag idea! Something for me to think about at my house maybe.

Becky said...

Love that your husband called something "good-mail-y"! Love the term "ground score" the the cabinet...what a happy post :)