Friday, March 11, 2011

five minute friday


how do i know when i am loved?

i feel loved when all is calm and quiet.
i feel loved in the moments of peace that seem so hard to come by.
but those are easy answers.

you know when i don't feel loved?
i don't feel loved when i have to do laundry.
i don't feel loved when i come home from work and the house is dirtier than when i left it.
i don't feel loved when i have to take care of someone who is sick.
i don't feel loved when my scheduled gets changed at the last minute.
i don't feel loved when there's not enough money left over after bills for pedicures and cute new clothes.
i don't feel loved when harsh words are said.
i don't feel love when i say harsh words.

it's hard for me to feel loved (or to give love) in the daily grind of days. it's hard for me to feel loved when i want to feel bitter.

but the daily grind must go on, and i must continue to love, and be loved.

so i find love in notes and letters.
in blog posts and tweets.

in song lyrics.

laundry be damned.



michelle said...

This really resonates with me, Lelly.

Man, I wish there were more money for pedicures and cute clothes! (and shoes)

The Cook Crook said...

I have not been feeling the love because I dislike my job so much...but you are right, love can be found in other places and those places will just have to do...for now

Alisha said...

My favorite phrase lately is just this: I feel "disregarded"

Michelle said...

okay lelly, not feeling the love, because we still dont know your WORD! how much longer? haha! is it going to be "blurry" or "beautiful" or "fuck you!" still lmao ...