Friday, March 25, 2011

five minute friday


there's reggae music playing somewhere in the hotel. it's winding it's way under the door that separates my office from the laundry area. all morning it has buoyed my spirits, and i wonder: is summer so far away?

my desk faces a window, from which i have a view. not a great view (part of a parking lot, part of the road, a glimpse of the Italian restaurant across the way). i can see the Quiznos that struggles for business due to a poorly designed intersection. i see the Bojangles that is under construction next to it, and i wonder: will drivers find the temptation to eat Cajun inspired fast food to be greater than the temptation to eat toasted subs?

it's sunny, but breezy and cooler than it's been this week. the smell of wildfires burning well to the north of us is heavy in the air, and i wonder: do other people find the smell of woodsmoke to be as comforting as i do?

Spring, and it's pollen, are heavy in the air. daffodils and azaleas polka dot the landscape. i'm looking forward to the first soccer practice tonight, fun weekend movies with my boys, my next run...

and i wonder: can it really be this simple?



Alisha said...

sometimes, yes it is this simple. Enjoy!

carolynn said...
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carlo said...

I say go with the simple and enjoy! ps- Was your movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid or is J too old for that? E loved it! :)