Friday, March 18, 2011

five minute friday


i don't like to wait. i don't like to wait for people, for holidays, for deliveries from the UPS truck. i don't like to pace the front porch waiting for the mail delivery. i don't like to view the long march of days until the BIG DAY (whatever that day may be.)

i am the one who is in the car waiting when i told the family we had to leave ten minutes ago. i am the one who is awake an hour before the alarm sounds. i am the one who refreshes the website that shows the number of page views on my blog.

i get antsy.
and peevish.
and, quite frankly, not so fun to be around.

i used to tolerate waiting more. i savored it, actually. i reveled in the march of black Xs along a row of days on the calendar. but now, like so many of my generation, i am "instant gratification girl." i don't want to think about it. i don't want to plan it. i want it and i want it now...

please don't make me wait.


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The I's Have It said...

I hear you, instant gratification girl.