Tuesday, March 29, 2011

spt 03.29.2011


i've been working my ass off. quite literally.

*almost* every day since January 2nd, i have risen WELL before my alarm clock, laced up my sneakers, and made a conscious effort to move my body. i've had help. jillian michaels and bob harper and multiple, MULTIPLE Twitter friends who've shared their workouts with me.

getting up early has never been a struggle for me, but getting up with the intention of doing jumping jacks? or planks? that's an entirely different story. but i do it. almost every day.

for one, because i'm loving the results i'm seeing.
also, because if i don't do it at the crack of dawn, it won't get done.

i know this from experience. my work/family/extra curricular lifestyle is such that at the end of the day, the first thing to "go" when i need a break is the workout. i cannot consistently come home from a long day and will myself into my sneakers. somedays, it's all i can do to get dinner made and homework checked before i fade into my sofa for some mindless TV watching. bottom line: if i *plan* to workout at night, i *plan* to fail at it. it's just that simple.

so, i get up reaaaalllly early. i squeeze into a sports bra and tie my shoes, and pull my bedhead hair away from my face. then i lift weights, and do push ups, and struggle through jumping jacks. i curse at the smiling trainer's faces on my DVDs and i lie on the ground and cry after tricep dips.

it ain't pretty, folks. but i'm not about to stop.


John said...

I'm with you - if it doesn't happen at the buttcrack of dawn, it doesn't happen...and I can't allow that to happen, so extra time in my comfy bed is what I give up most every morning.

Kelly said...

In your recent FB post, you holding baby, the first thing I noticed (not that the baby wasn't cute enough to get my attention) was you are looking good! You could see the results even in that little tiny shot with only half your face and one eye showing. I was going to comment, but the light must have turned green and I had to put my phone down.

Congratulations, that is hard work!

Robbie said...

Yep. It's gotta be the morning. And you gotta push yourself and hate it and hope it ends quickly, but, it'll be worth it!

a happy heart blog. said...

Congrats Lelly! You are fantastic and inspiring. I was doing the Firm until our house became a hospital - things are back to normal and hopefully I can get back into it! Keep going!

Lucy said...

Way to go, Lelly! I agree with the need to get it done first thing in the morning. I can easily talk myself out of it later in the day. It isn't easy, but, like you, I like the results. Keep it up!

Barb said...

Oh, the early morning work out, I am IMPRESSED!

Cristin@ Serendipity said...

Keep up the good work!!!! You inspire!!!!!!!

Holly said...

You've been doing GREAT Lelly! Your stick-with-it-ness is inspiring--and I'm it's been paying off for you too. YAY!

Jill said...

That's amazing! I desperately wish getting up early wasn't hard for me, that would make so many things easier for me, plus I may actually consider working out. I definitely love it if I do it early in the morning, but I NEVER do.