Tuesday, January 23, 2007

i heart you

as i am determined to create and mail the valentine's gifts that matty and i have talked about sending, i sat down to the computer last night to begin the process. so far, i am pleased with how they are turning out.

i've spent the past few years creating valentines in my mind's eye for jack to share at school. you know, some over-the-top design that would require hours of preparation, that any five year old would cherish forever!!

however, he always votes for "regular" valentines (which usually feature spiderman!) and, really, they are his to give. finally, this year, i had an *a-HA* moment: why don't i just make valentines for MY friends??

i'd love to get them in the mail by february first, so how did it get to be the tail end of january already?!?

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carlo said...

I hope your cards make it to the mail! I know I would flip if I had an actual Valentine in my mailbox so I am sure your friends will love it. What a great idea!! I love it!