Tuesday, January 30, 2007

what we teach

matty and jack are both painfully aware by now that i will photograph just about anything. posting photos on my blog adds a dimension that i've never been able to use in my pen & paper journaling.

matty decided to keep some of the Disney amenities from our villa bathroom that we didn't use during our trip. we put them in jack's bathroom (still in the wrappers). shortly afterwards, jack asked if he could use some of the new soap. i said, "not until i photograph it."

yeah, i know. totally bizarre. and i left it at that (i never took the picture.)

a few days later, jack came and asked me for the camera. i was in the middle of something, so i didn't really pay attention to what he was doing. he came back moments later, and showed me this:

i LOVE that kid!!


Mom to Allison and James said...

I think he truly has a talent. This is a great shot.

Jill said...

That's so great that he took the picture! I take pictures of everything and love it when blogs have pictures with the posts, it just makes it so much more personal. Last week after Whitney's surgery when she kept getting presents in the mail I let her open them and then would say "Wait, I have to take a picture before you play with that." She had no problem with that, she's well trained.

carlo said...

Hope you don't mind the late comment but as I was gazing through here I came across this post and couldn't agree more and I am laughing at this post-- today my oldest is down with cold/fever/sniffles and I took a few pics for the blog b/c I feel they will really tell the story better than just words. She thinks I am a little crazy but hey, as Jill said, she will learn and be trained as Whitney and Jack are now... :) (Now if I can figure out how to get this pics INTO my posts!)