Wednesday, January 31, 2007

lucky number 13 ( & 1/2)

i seem to have pushed through the weight loss plateau i experienced last week. that's a great feeling! i've been trying to mix up my walking routines a little - one day doing a real cardio push and the next day adding a little more time. i think it's definitely helping my metabolism.

i am really, really trying not to let "dieting" consume me right now, so i'm not posting about it every day. i'm always up for discussion, though, so if you are on your own weight loss journey, and you want to bounce around some ideas, comments, recipes, frustrations, feel free to send me an email!

1 comment:

carlo said...

Good for you, Lelly! Keep up the good work.

A few things that help me are so simple: fiber, water, good and healthy snacks with me at all times, and more fiber. :)